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S4x01 - Renaissance
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Important otp thing:

Who cries at the wedding

#I do   #I love you Amanda   #aiden   #and then emily   #and then they'd both make that happy staring into each other face   #with red eyes   #and whisper   #and then share the most passionate kiss ever   #but not rough   #and the he would kiss her forehead   #and whisper to her   #while she looked up at him   #then hold hands and walk back down the beach   #because obviously it's a beach wedding   #oh   #and Nolan's crying as well   #opps   #this went too long   #if only I could write fanfiction   




Its horrible that we live in a world where this is happening

Revenge Review s04e01 (from the view of an Aimily Shipper)

So I don’t know if anyone actually wants to see this but if you do let me know and i’ll do some more idk

  • why is Aiden not in the season review?
  • maybe you were better off alone… agreed tbh
  • the mansion actually looks really good
  • so are we not going to bring up Aiden? idk but like I thought he was he major love but whatever
  • David, I really think you should leave
  • put the fucking knife down omg
  • who’s the chick Danny?
  • Margaux’s hair kinda makes her look like a mushroom pixie
  • why’s Jack a cop? when did this happen? wasn’t he under arrest??
  • so his partners kinda hot tbh
  • NEMILY, really a fan of this seasons Nemily
  • Charlotte is fucking creepy guys.. why can’t she die like honestly. I get she’s Emily’s sister but honestly just piss off so Aiden can come back pls
  • why are people always killed/injured on boats?
  • oh yay we get 3 words regarding Aiden… is this seriously it? I mean yes the show needs to move on with the story line but come on guys… give me something
  • have we very actually seen Emily in jeans and a basic top?
  • Jack, Aiden wore it first
  • since when did jack want to join the cops? like seriously, this never came up
  • come on
  • Jack, don’t pretend you were waiting so you could protect emily
  • that’s bullshit
  • how does no one know Victoria’s in the looney bin?
  • I love how “no Grayson manor” looks better than my house
  • Okay so something fucked up is happening with Charlotte
  • I like the red head
  • poppet?
  • if she sneaks out in the box of clothes imma be pissed
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • NO
  • you better not disappear on me again
  • omg there are real tears in my eyes
  • wait, does David know that’s his daughter?
  • Emily=queen
  • oh no she lost her fiancé
  • "I lost someone too" 😭😭
  • Nolan=queen jester
  • Charlotte you crack head please just go away
  • Daniel calm your tits please
  • Emily, why do I get the feeling you’ve planned something?
  • Margaux the mushroom fairy
  • omg actual crack head
  • Jack stop freaking protecting her
  • who’s in the box?
  • if vic gets out I swear
  • omg it’s the random chick that’s kinda cray
  • the return of the mushroom pixie
  • sorry not sorry
  • wait what just happened?
  • who the fucks Valerie?
  • "I get sick of hating", Ems please listen
  • nothing can bring back the people we love.
  • okay so I’m pretty sure this scene with Nolan and Emily’s fight is in a fanfic somewhere
  • oh my baby 😢😢
  • you’re a snowflake
  • and here’s victoria…awesome.
  • OMG
  • IS THAT IT?!
  • OMG
  • OMG
  • omg.
#revenge   #reven8e   #i don't know if anyone actually wants to read this   #do let me know and I'll do more   #idk   #emily thorne   #nolan Ross   #Victoria Grayson   #david clarke   #amanda Clarke   #jack porter   #aimily   #Aiden mathis   #emily x Aiden   #charlotte clarke   #daniel Grayson   #revenge cast   #review   #4x01   
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Why is she a strong girl?

  • Because she walks around every day on the verge of tears, and you don't even have the slightest clue that she's not okay.
But think about this


Katniss and Peeta were pretty much the last two people to ever to be reaped in the Games.

Victoria hatches a plan with the help of a fellow patient. | 4.01

"Yeah I read a lot."


what society thinks: fiction, non-fiction, romance etc. books

what I mean: fanfiction